Combo TENSHOCK X812/Hobbywing XERUN XR8 Plus

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The combination of TENSHOCK motors and Hobbywing ESC is perfect.

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Preis wie konfiguriert: € 259,00



The combination of TENSHOCK motors and Hobbywing ESC is perfect. They are very controlled because of the 6 pole technology of the TENSHOCK motors. Because of 6 pole technology they can be used without sensor. Therefore the performance is better. You can use these Combos in racing and also for Bashing. If you want 6S is possible. ESC: Hobbywing XERUN XR8 Plus 150A Waterproof Electronic switch switchable BEC 6V/7.2V Motor: TENSHOCK X812v2 1900kV or 2150kV or 2450kV or 2850kV Less hot under the same conditions,the temperature will be~10% lower. The new swallowtail structure rotor:additional wrapped w4ith Kevlar, to keep the rotor from cracking at high RPM. New low IR connectors:instead cables,we use plug directly on motor to ensure the best possible connection between motor and ESC. New design of winding:new special winding makes a lower idle current. Different KV:there will be different KV to meet your demands. You will find a perfect match to your device.



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